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Committed to Sustainability



A new line of fashion that will meet your eco-friendly lifestyle and give it a little bit of happiness, style and color.

Our parent brand, SHED RAIN, is always changing and growing, now we have GOGO to prove it. We have taken into consideration the fact that today’s consumers are more aware than ever of the impact they are leaving behind for the next generation and are continuously working towards being more eco-conscious, which is why our team has worked to create, not only great looking products, but ones that are actually making a difference. We are proud to say that most of our line is made out of 100% recycled polyester fabric that comes from recycled plastic bottles.

So, enjoy your day outside with any of our GOGO bags, hats, or umbrellas and be confident that you are supporting a family owned company that wants to make a difference. A company that not only looks out for the needs of their customers but also looks out for ways to make an impact. One step in the right direction can go a long way – and we are continuously exploring how we can help our planet as well as our community live their best life, outside.

GOGO is just the beginning.


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