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A Legacy of Umbrella Design

We're a part of the Shed Rain family.
Started back in 1947, Shed Rain has brought 75 years of weather engineering into the one place. We've been able to refine the design and product development process so that we can bring affordable, stylish prints to everyone who needs more comfort outside.
Shown here are some of the archival images of designs we've created over the years and there is a lot more where that came from!
Shed Rain History

“We have a big opportunity here with GoGo to serve an audience that needs comfort in the outdoors at the right price”

–Jeff Blauer, CEO
Shed Rain Style Parade – Portland, Oregon 1957
We've created all sorts of patterns and styles over the years, some of which are relevant today and some of which still belong in the past! No matter what products we've created over 75 years, we've always been dedicated to quality and value.


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