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Shed Rain Launches GoGo Basics

The team at Shed Rain has been thinking and talking about this for so long now, we're so glad its finally here.

With our retail partners across the globe, we have recently brought GoGo Vibrant Outside Basics to life. We know that getting outside seems simple but it's easier said than done – and we're here to help. Outdoor accessories that are actually designed right AND at the right price are not easy to find and we're here to say that they can be.
GoGo Bags and Accessories 
Its taken a lot of people and a lot of time and effort to get this goal of ours off the ground and now that it is – we can't stop seeing the potential. We're excited about delivering many seasons of GoGo products to the world.
GoGo Travel Umbrellas
Beyond the outdoor basics, the sky's the limit for GoGo! Keep in touch with us by signing up to our newsletter and see what we're launching at the end of this year! 


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